RRM: Chicana Heroes of the Streets!

RRM: Chicana Heroes of the Streets!

Don’t be Alarmed

if you see one of these beautiful ladies flying down the street! Their here for you, for our communities and for tomorrow!!!
So you get your phone cameras out and start snapping shots if you see one in your hood!
To the residents of Los Angeles: They have you covered!
To the residents of the surrounding cities of Los Angeles: Guess what? They have you covered!
For the people further down south in California: They also have you covered!
Everyone else in this beautiful country of the good ol U.S.A.: Guess what? They as well have you covered!
To the inhabitants of Asia: These sexy super hero ladies got you covered!
Mexico, Central and South America? Stop pouting because their out there to! Looking all beautiful,  and sexy looking.They have you covered!
U.K. and Euro countries? Bloody damn right they have you covered!
North Pole? South Pole? Your shit out of luck. Its just to cold out there.
These super hero sexy fine looking mamas are pretty much all over the world so no need to worry!

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